Frequently Asked Questions
Pounce, what is it?

It's the first sensitive filter for your movies and TV Show.

Enjoy all your favorite movies and TV Show without any bad impact scenes. No more stress!

Select your sensitivity level to keep only what you want.

How to use Pounce?

Wondering how it works? It's simple, when you first connect:

1 / Define your profile according to your sensitivity to the proposed themes (Violence, Gore, Sex, Nudity, Vulgarity,Drug)

2 / Configure the device you want to control (Apple TV, Roku, Computer ...) The application interacts directly with your device.

3 / Automatically detect the visualized content: As with Shazam, start the search (touch the Pounce button) and the application detects the movie you are wathcing.

4 / Pounce lists all the sensitive scenes for you (according to the profile you have defined) and offers to skip them automatically. Choose the option you like most!

5 / Enjoy the content with peace of mind, fan-feet on the coffee table or warm under the duvet!

Is the application free?

Yes, you can download it for free on the Appstore and Google Play.

Is the idea to censor movies?

Oh no... Cinema is an art that we respect and particularly appreciate at Pounce. We are not talking about censorship and it is not our vocation. We are all different and we do not necessarily want to see the same things.

Do I need special equipment?

You will not need anything other than your smartphone to download the app and the device on which you will watch your movie or TV Show.

If you have an iPhone, we recommend you to have an Apple TV, even 2nd generation at 50 $ on Craigslist, Pounce works very well with Airplay :)

Do I need an account to use Pounce? Why do I need to register to use Pounce?

Pounce adapts to the sensitivity of each of its users. That's why it is necessary to register and set up your account:)

Indeed, it's your profile that will tell us what kind of scene you want to avoid. The more you fine-tune your account settings, the more we can offer you a personalized experience. :)

What is a Pounce movie or TV Show?

When a film or TV Show is certified, it means that they have been viewed by a member of our team and that all bad impact scenes have been identified.

So you can watch the content in peace.

How to report a scene?

Anyone can report a scene. Moreover, we count on you to play the game;) It is thanks to the collaboration of all that we can extend our catalog and offer you more certified content!

However, only members of the Pounce team can certify a movie or series. As we told you, the film is officially certified when a member of our team went to check that all the scenes reported are receivable and at the right timing.

Can I use the app for all movies and TV Show?

In principle, yes! However, some titles are not yet listed in our catalog. If you want to watch a movie or TV Show that is not yet listed, you can add it to your favorites. And if many of you want to watch this title, we will add it just for you <3

How can the app track my progress in the movie?

Pounce uses the microphone of your smartphone to identify and know current time of the movie youa are watching. The processing is done directly locally, nothing is sent to our servers.

Why some movies are synchronizable but have no scenes declared?

If there are no declared scenes, you may be the first to watch this movie or TV Show with Pounce! In this case, your mission if you accept it, be the first to declare the scenes. Thanks to you, other spectators can have these indications in advance!

Are there limits in the number of movies I can see?

No, there is no limits !

Is it possible to watch a movie or TV Show on Pounce?

And no! Be careful, Pounce is not a new VOD platform.

Who should I contact for support?

To contact us, just go to the support section to chat live with someone from the team. Or simply contact

What is the Pounce community?

Pounce community are people using our app to watch movies and TV Show and those who follow us on Facebook <3

Our community? It's you!

You do not follow us yet? Come on, come, we're good together: PounceYourLife